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The producers and writers of the TsimShaTsuiHotels.com website comprise “The Review Team”. We remain anonymous because we believe this is important when acquiring and assembling accurate, objective opinions, and truthful reviews. No matter whether it’s is a luxury hotel, a backpacker hostel or guest house, we check-in to the Tsim Sha Tsui accommodation just like any paying customer would, we do not announce our arrival or purpose, so we receive no special treatment as “reviewers” and we are treated like everyone else!

The Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel Review System

Our users will find that we use our own five star scoring system, rating the hotels from 1-5 stars in increments of 0.5. This is not to be confused with the official classification (number of stars) of the hotel. Our ratings are gathered from a scoring system, whereby hotels can win and lose stars for certain attributes. For example, if the hotel staff are unhelpful or somewhat rude, we believe there is no excuse for this, so the given property loses a big chunk of stars. Another example is hotel services and amenities being a great value for money, which results in two thumbs up from us and the appropriate increase in scoring to determine our final star rating.

Our Passion for TST Hong Kong Travel

Every single member of the review team has a passion for travel and tourism, whether it be backpacking on a budget, business travel or a date with a luxury spa. We travel Southeast Asia often, know the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Hong Kong very well, and believe we have the experience required to write fair and accurate reviews. In conjunction with major inventory suppliers, Agoda, Booking, Priceline, and LateRooms, we have consolidated the best accommodation search results using the purple search box to the right of every page, and the ‘Book Now’ buttons on the review pages. Be assured that you will always have access to the lowest daily rates and real-time special discounts, accommodation promotions, last minute and late room deals in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong. Once you link through to book your hotel you will be on a secure server with one of the most trusted names in the Asia Hotel Booking business.

We’re Experts in Tsim Sha Tsui Hotels

We believe in transparency and honesty and like all hotel and accommodation booking websites, we do receive a small commission from our suppliers on most reservations made through our review website. This occasional compensation does not affect the total price of your hotel booking. This assists the Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel Review Team to continue to provide high quality information and reviews as its takes additional time and effort to record, sort, organize, present, and update the results of our hotel travel and Tsim Sha Tsui accommodation reviews. We don’t travel throughout all of Asia, we are experts and accommodation specialists in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Hong Kong. We only use the most reliable and trusted travel booking inventory suppliers in Asia, with great discount and promotion hotel rates, and we are proud that they continue to use our partnership to add review features and value to our TST Review website. Using our website, you’ll be able to locate the best “insider” and secret hotel deals as if you knew a local resident of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Contact the Tsim Sha Tsui Hotel Help Desk

Although the Review team is anonymous you can easily connect and communicate by email, phone, or chat. Simply use our ‘Contact Us’ page to reach our full service around the clock reservation booking, confirmations, and itinerary change department at our dedicated Hotel Booking Help Desk. We sincerely hope you find our hotel accommodation reviews and website booking tools useful. If you have, please support our ongoing efforts to maintain the TST Hotel Reviews by continuing to use our site when you travel to Tsim Sha Tsui and the Hong Kong area.

With Best Regards to Your Hong Kong Travel Experience in Tsim Sha Tsui from The Review Team at TsimShaTsuHotels.com.